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Bonnet Pediment Working Window 15-Light Non-Working Window Jamestown Door Classic Value Window
Two-Panel Jamestown Shutter Medium Louvered Shutter Fancy Victorian Screen Door Double Deerfield Door Pediment
Yorktown Window Pediment 6-Panel Traditional Door Oval-Light with Pet Door Classic Victorian Screen Door
Carolina Door Classic French Doors Crossbuck Dutch Door Diamond Double Casement Window

“When a door closes, look for the window that opens.” Or, another more current spin on this is, “When a door closes, open it again. It’s a door; that’s how it works!” At, you don’t have to choose between an open door OR window….you can have both! We have an extensive line of dollhouse doors and windows (many of which open!), with styles from Victorian to traditional to contemporary. Many are from Houseworks LTD, so you can count on them to be the best quality you will find in the industry. Whether it’s time to let the outdoors in—or keep the outdoors out—dollhouse doors and windows are key components of your dollhouse. Many dollhouse kits include the doors and windows, but upgrading can add designer charm. Also, not all miniature windows open, so if that’s important to you, choose a Houseworks style that does.

All Houseworks dollhouse doors and windows are made of high-quality unfinished wood. We provide complete measurements of the pieces, including the actual size of the miniature wooden doors and windows and the size opening it fits; casing or trim can also be added to fill any small gaps. Interior and exterior door options are available. Working and non-working dollhouse windows are available, and there are a variety of styles; some include acrylic panes and mullions.

Miniature dollhouse doors and windows can also be used for a variety of craft projects; check out our Craft Designs book for instructions on projects to convert them into displays for your full-scale home. We also carry dollhouse shutters, casing and pediments to trim your windows and doors and add extra charm to your dollhouse. And be sure to check out our door and window hardware options for adding extra realistic details, because you can’t open the door without a doorknob!
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