Silver Sparkle Cell Phone Pink Laptop Silver Laptop Princess Phone
5-Pc. Modern Desk Set Retro Jukebox Black TV Stand Notebook Computer
Modern Laptop Computer Flat Screen TV with Modern Console Laptop Computer Pay Phone
Small Widescreen Television with Remote Large Widescreen Television with Remote French-Style Telephone Silver Desktop Computer Set

Fill your dollhouse with the beep and whirr of gadgets! Miniatures.com has all the accessories for dollhouses you need for decorating. From bright vintage jukeboxes to modern tablets and smartphones, if you need a miniature piece of tech, we’ve got it here.

If you’re looking for a computer to put in your dollhouse study, or a tablet that’ll perfectly fit a teenager’s room, take a look at our collection of computers! We have notebooks, laptops, and more. The level of detail on all of our tech is high; take a look at the tiny little app icons on these screens. Some of them even light up!

And of course, what house is complete without a television? Our TVs come with tiny extension cords, for a more realistic touch. Imagine your dolls gathered around one of these televisions, ready to watch their favorite show! Or maybe you want to order an entertainment set to serve as the centerpiece for one of your dollhouse rooms. Don’t worry, we have that too.

Telephones, televisions, radios and cameras — browse through our collection of dollhouse electronics and find a piece you’ll love to own.
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