Discount Policies is a complete hobby resource. In fact, it is our goal to become the only place you'll ever need to go for all your miniature necessities. So, we are constantly working to make every aspect of your shopping and research experience better.

Check out just a couple of our discount policies below and, as always, please feel free to contact us if you have a suggestion about how we may better serve your mini needs.


Coupons are one of our favorite ways to give you even bigger savings. You'll find them on the back cover of special catalogs, as well as in emails from us and on special postcards we send to our registered customers. So, keep your eyes open!

Just enter the coupon code (printed on the coupon or special offer) that saves you the most money.

Bonus Dollars

We're listening! Customer feedback on our Bonus Dollar program indicated that it could use some improvements, so we're doing just that! In order for us to implement our NEW rewards program coming soon, we needed to stop issuing Bonus Dollars. This will allow all current Bonus Dollars to be used by their expiration date. We will be excited to share more about our updated, better reward program for our mini friends.

At, our prices are the lowest you'll find anywhere! And while you save money, we want you to make money too! This is our way of saying, "Thank you for your business". Orders of $75* and over automatically receive bonus dollars. You must be registered and logged into your account to receive bonus dollars online. Your bonus dollar information will appear on your order confirmation email. We give you $1.00 for every $10 you spend with us if your order is $75* or more.

These dollars can be used on future orders of $75* and over if redeemed by the date indicated on the coupon.

*Bonus dollars are calculated after any discount, special offer or other bonus dollars are deducted and before sales tax and/or shipping charges are added. Cancellations, returns and/or exchanges will affect bonus dollars. They are subject to reduction. Bonus dollars cannot be redeemed by phone or fax (no exceptions), but are redeemable with mail orders and orders placed on our web site. One coupon may be used with each $75 or more net order (net refers to total before sales tax and/or shipping charges are added). Bonus dollars may not be used in conjunction with any other discount and are valid for 45 days from the date they were earned. They are not redeemable on the same order on which they are earned.

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