Fairy Garden
Photo courtesy of huntandhost.net

Welcome to miniature.com’s fairy garden collection! We have been in the business of selling miniatures for more than 30 years. Although most of our customers use our products for dollhouses and room boxes, we love to see our mini gems used for other craft projects and as part of full-size home décor. Whether you are just starting your fairy garden or are looking for an extra-special touch, check out what we have grouped together here. Although only fairies can sprinkle fairy dust in the garden, we can supply some fairy tale touches!

Credit for the adorable fairy garden shown above goes to our friend, expert blogger Kim Jones from Hunt and Host. Kim says the inspiration for this unique vertical design came from garden art she saw while visiting a park in Amsterdam. Her interpretation, which her children helped her create, uses many of our miniature fairy garden supplies plus real plants and sticks, rocks and dried plants they gathered on a nature walk. Visit Kim's DIY Vertical Fairy Garden Idea page here for her beautifully presented, detailed instructions.

Please send us pictures of how you use our miniature fairy garden accessories, supplies, and figurines! And, if you go beyond this grouping to the rest of our site and find other items that will work in a fairy garden, please let us know and we will add them here. One note: most of our products are intended only for indoor use, so if you have an outdoor fairy garden, please take the proper precautions if purchasing our items.

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