Real-life “House Hunters” often put fireplaces near the top of their most-wanted amenities – and miniature homeowners feel the same. Big or small, we love the literal and figurative warmth of a hearth, and the way a fireplace becomes the natural focal point of a cozy room.

Fortunately, adding this much-desired feature is beautifully simple for the dollhouse homeowner. Simply select from the wide range of options available here at and instantly “warm up” a room. Choices run from rustic, cabin-ready stone styles to a sleek and modern wall-mount, with something suitable for just about every era in between – and that’s just for indoors!

Your garden, patio or any outdoor scene can have the same attractive warmth, and almost as many choices, ranging from a grand stone wall dollhouse fireplace to a modest campfire.

Scale is always important in miniatures but with miniature fireplaces it has an additional meaning. The wide variety of sizes available here means you can choose one that is the appropriate scale for your room. In large spaces and grand salons, an expansive hearth – or two! – is called for. For smaller areas, there are plenty of scaled-down options for the perfect fit. At, you’ll always find complete measurements right on the item page, so you can know exactly which dollhouse fireplace to choose.

Of course, the choices don’t stop there. Do you want the look of a burning fire – wood or coal, with or without electricity – or a clean, empty hearth for warm-season decorating? Perhaps a grate of logs ready for the next chilly day would suit your scene. And don’t forget the accessories: tools, screens, clocks, candles . . .

And remember, for the most realistic look, you will likely need to add a miniature chimney on the roof above the dollhouse fireplace location. We have options for you there as well, which can sit directly on the ridge or fit the roof’s slope. Miniature fireplaces come either prefinished in brick or plain, for your stone or other surface treatment.

Whatever your choice, we want to help everyone warm up to minis!
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Ornate Antique-Style Mirror
(3 reviews)
Price: $7.99
Perfect over a couch or fireplace!
Chimney by Houseworks
(1 review)
Price: $8.95
Assembled, unfinished wood. Fits a 45° roof pitch.
Victorian Fireplace
(1 review)
Price: $11.99
Resin. Can be finished by staining or painting with oil or acrylic paint ...
Fireplace Flickering Unit
(1 review)
Price: $7.40
Flickering bulbs used in fireplaces to give a real fire look ...
Regal Fireplace
(1 review)
Price: $17.99
Space Saver--ideal for smaller rooms!
Jamestown Fireplace
(1 review)
Price: $14.50
This wooden fireplace boasts handcrafted moulding and refined beveled edges.
12V Electrified Embers
(1 review)
Price: $6.50
Light up your fireplace with these electrified embers...
2-Pc. 12V Flaming Embers Set
(4 reviews)
Price: $15.99
Time to light up your fireplace...
Outdoor Brick Fireplace
(1 review)
Price: $35.06
Just imagine the possible uses and finishes for this fireplace...
Florentine Faux Marble Fireplace Mantle by Reutter Porzellan
(1 review)
Price: $31.99
Hearthside elegance by Reutter Porzellan...
Wood-Fired Pizza Oven by Reutter Porzellan
(1 review)
Price: $23.99
Realistic, varied painting techniques make this very authentic.
Small Manor Firebox Fireplace
(1 review)
Price: $13.95
Houseworks Homestyle Collection ...
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