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Greenery, foliage, blossoms and blooms – natural elements add so much life to a living space! Even, almost especially, in miniature, where we know they are not real, they suggest a warmth and vibrancy found in the most comfortable spaces and make them places where we’d like to be.

While there are not quite as many options as in a local nursery, miniatures.com has plenty of choices for both indoors and out. And don’t forget, you can have seasonal options in a mini home as well: Plentiful poinsettias at holiday time; beautiful tulips and daffodils to welcome spring. Add a candy-wrapper foil covering to a terra-cotta pot and it becomes a thoughtful gift for a Valentine’s Day sweetheart or a Mother’s Day remembrance.

Hanging baskets not only brighten porches, they also add color in a bay window or on a balcony. Window boxes can be ground-level planters as well, and floral wreaths, while welcoming on a door, can also accent a wall or railing.

For a realistic look, place miniature plants according to the light needs of their real-life counterparts. For example, philodendron or sansevieria (snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue) can brighten a shady corner, while a coleus will keep its color best near a window. A vase of “cut flowers,” of course, looks perfect as a table centerpiece or on a piano (don’t forget the doily!), but is especially nice where it will be seen and enjoyed, so think about adding some colorful “flower power” to a kitchen counter or even in an office.

And while we’re on the subject, remember that we offer many miniature dollhouse flowers (and leaves) as individual stems, so you can choose a vase and make your own arrangement in the perfect colors for your room.

Exotic orchids, simple succulents, roses for remembrance . . . this is the place to find a little something for everyone.

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