Bare walls? No problem! Every room of your dollhouse and miniature scene likely has walls that need some drama, and is your source for a wide selection of dollhouse paintings, picture frames, & mirrors. In this section, in addition to mirrors and framed art in a wide range of prices, sizes and styles, you will find shelving, plate rails, empty frames and even mirrored styrene sheets that you can cut to size and use anywhere you need some reflection. You will also find some seasonal wall art if you like to keep your space relevant to all seasons!

Mirrors are a great option any time you want to make a space look larger, reflect light, or open up a room. In public rooms, mirrors provide definition and decoration; in bedrooms and baths, they are necessity! In a foyer or mudroom, they provide mini residents the final chance to check hair and makeup on the way out. Mirrors can even find a place on the porch, as a tool to reflect a stunning view. Try layering mirrors with empty frames or other mirrors or pictures over a large mantle or table. You can also group several on a wall, just like you would with framed pictures. Always keep in mind what will be reflected in your mirror; you don’t want to create a glare or too strong of a light reflection.

Whether you are looking for just that one special framed print or have a large wall that you want to make into a gallery display, we have the prints for you. Also, if you are the DIY type, we also offer empty miniature picture frames for your dollhouse's custom art displays. And a great thing about dollhouse picture frames is that they are easy to hang….no levels or heavy-duty hardware is required, as most can be hung just a bit of adhesive wax or putty. 

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