PUBLISHED: Thursday, April 6, 2017 by Heather Benamy

Does your dollhouse feel stuck in the 19th century? There may be a very good reason why: the history of miniatures. At the time the hobby grew in popularity, most miniaturists wanted to recreate their childhood home or their dream home. Antique furniture was a luxury high-end item, so miniaturists opted for this style furniture and houses. Nowadays, these items can seem dated and dull. Don’t get us wrong; we love the traditional Victorian dollhouse just as much as you. But sometimes even the tiniest homes can benefit from a much-needed update. Here’s how you can add a modern touch to your Victorian dollhouse.

In the kitchen...

Four White Canisters - 8-Pc. Bowl Set - Four Gunmetal Drawer Pulls - 2" Base Cabinet - Small White Hexagonal Tile - Black Marble Sheet

Update your kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. A bluish green is dramatic yet peaceful, which is the perfect combination. Display your collection of kitchen minis and opt for open shelving. For a purposeful look, group similar items like our white canisters together. Consider adding new texture to your floors or backsplash. A dark marble may be the perfect contrast your kitchen needs.

In the dining room...

President's Chandelier - Large Circles Ceiling Tile - Small Circles Ceiling Tile - Eight White Tulips - Victorian Fireplace - Sherlock Holmes Books - Red Oak Flooring

If you want to make a statement, think about unifying everything with white paint and adding pops of color. You can keep some of the Victorian elements unique to the house like a fireplace or chandelier. Fill a bookshelf with brightly colored books to contrast the white walls.

In the bedroom...

Boating Party Framed Print - Large Circles Ceiling Tile - Small Circles Ceiling Tile - Crystal Chandelier - Tudor Fireplace - Unfinished Settee - Damask Pillow - Flower Drawer Pull

If you like the light and airy look, take white to the walls upstairs too. Don’t forget about the ceiling; add white ceiling tiles for architectural interest. Think about adding accents colors like a gold framed painting or gold drawer pulls.

The process of fixing up your old dollhouse can be an exciting project for architectural and interior décor enthusiasts. So, the next time you come across your great grandfather’s old dollhouse in the attic or see one for sale in an old local antique shop, consider upgrading it to the 21st century.

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