PUBLISHED: Wednesday, May 3, 2017 by Kara Deason

The options of adhesives necessary for miniature projects are bountiful. Various glues, it seems, are the foundation for the hobby. And yet, they can all be rather confusing. There are multi-purpose glues, glues designed for paper and card stock, glues for wallpaper, glues for wood, glues for plastic, glues for flooring and on and on! I’m sure if you’ve been at the hobby a while, you’ve found your favorites. And sales from HBS/ definitely show some of the most popular with our customers:

Wallpaper Mucilage item #1013 is rated 4 out of 5 stars by our customers and the jar contains enough mucilage to apply wallpaper in two to three rooms.

Grandmother Stover’s Glue item #172 is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by our customers. This glue is non-acidic and great for applying wallpaper, carpets and floors.

Bards Tacky Wax item #759 (1 oz) or item #7592 (6oz) has a 5 out of 5 stars rating by customers. This removable clear tacky wax adhesive is ideal for attaching accessories and hanging pictures, and can be wiped or washed off without leaving a stain.

New Creations Wallpaper Gel item #81165 has a 5 out of 5 stars rating. This white adhesive for wallpaper dries clear and can be used on any dollhouse wall or ceiling paper. It will activate adhesive on pre-pasted paper and allows a little extra time for positioning.

But, to further help organize the adhesive options, we’ve created a handy Glue Chart that outlines our recommendations based on what you’re working to secure. The Glue Chart gives several adhesive options sold on or at HBS along with the instance in which you’d use them. Categories outlined along with recommended glue products are as follows:

  • cardstock/paper
  • ceiling coverings based on material used
  • dollhouse assembly for wood and mdf
  • flooring based on material used
  • foliage application
  • furniture/accessory assembly
  • interior décor, furnishings and trim
  • roofing
  • stone veneer or masonry bricks
  • wall cladding and covering
You can explore our guide to glues here, or download a printable PDF version of our glue chart here. Additionally, all adhesives are organized on under the Builders Corner link located on the left side of the homepage.

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