PUBLISHED: Tuesday, October 24, 2017 by Heather Benamy

Eek… the results are in! We are terribly excited to announce the winners of our 2nd Annual Facebook Halloween Challenge! We at HBS/ get a big thrill out of Halloween, and we wanted to share in the excitement to see what spook-tacular Halloween scenes you could create using miniatures. Unlike the HBS Creatin’ Contest, we asked YOU to pick the winners! There were 51 total entries in the challenge, and votes were hauntingly close. Check out the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place winners' projects below –

1st Place: The Halloween Shop Around the Corner by Josephine Carlo

Josephine received a total of 275 votes for her project The Halloween Shop Around the Corner. She’s been working on her shop on and off for four years. Josephine was introduced to miniatures at an early age by her neighbor Pepper and her twin sister Darlene, who are now 93 years young. Her favorite thing about miniatures is seeing “the reactions on people’s faces when they get introduced to miniatures. Especially adults. There’s something about them that stirs up the inner child in all of us like the magic at Christmastime”.

2nd Place: Trick or Treat on My Victorian House by Javier Ortiz

Javier received a total of 265 votes for his project Trick or Treat on My Victorian House. It took him a year to build this project. He loves working with miniatures, and he’s already working on his next dollhouse.

3rd Place: The Witch’s Happy Place… Spells, Spells, Spells! by Lisa Clark

Lisa received a total of 237 votes for her project The Witch’s Happy Place… Spells, Spells, Spells! Lisa has been working in miniatures for 10 years, and she loves to make her own miniatures whenever possible. This is her first scene in a little more than a year due to being hit with R.A. She was unable to work with miniatures for a long time, but now, she finally has her R.A. under control and can start enjoying her hobby again. She says Halloween scenes are her favorite to build because “you can get as crazy as your imagination will allow”. Her favorite part of the scene? The head in the jar or the hand on the planchette of the witch board.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2nd Annual Halloween Challenge! We’re always inspired by our customers’ creativity. You can check out all the challenge entries here. Bats all, folks! Happy Halloween!

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