PUBLISHED: Monday, January 23, 2017 by Fran Casselman

Hello, everyone!

First, I want to thank you all for your warm response to Small Talk. Please continue to let us know how we’re doing and to spread the word about our small world.

I promise, by next time there will be another topic, but we are still deep into the 2016 - 23rd Annual Creatin’ Contest and will have the exciting results for you very soon. There were 138 entries this time, and our judges have to find time for careful consideration of your hard work while still keeping all the usual balls in the air, so we appreciate your patience.

While researching to find interesting contest facts for you, we discovered a record setter: Linda Briggs of New Mexico has entered 20 of our 23 Creatin' Contests, wow! Along with our heartfelt thanks and genuine appreciation, we are sending her a Certificate of Recognition and a $100 gift certificate. When I called to thank and congratulate her, she told me the best part of the story: Each year, her contest entry is given to a local child as a Christmas present! We couldn’t be more proud to be part of such a lovely tradition. She has already ordered the 2017 kit so it looks like she intends to keep the record going.

We like receiving your comments and feedback about the contest, and a frequent topic is the “only four photos” rule. You tell us it takes more than four to really show your project – and we’re sure that’s true – but consider our poor judges. They will be looking at more than 500 photos this time and just don’t have time to review any more. Limiting yourself to only four is tough, we know, but consider it part of the contest, and add “photo editor” to your skill set.

There is a small change on the 2017 entry form to ask for an entrant’s age, if 14 or younger. We don’t have specific plans to add a youth division, but we do know that a number of entries come from younger miniatures fans and we’d like to know just how many. The love of miniatures began very early for me, so I know it’s never too soon to open that tiny door for creativity to flow through.

And finally, just because I’m curious, I like to keep track of where our contest entrants live; I’m pleased to say they come from all over. This year’s 138 entries represent 37 states and Canada. California had the most with 15, while Michigan, New York and Texas tied for second with nine each. We’ve never had a 50-state year, but I’m hoping!

Keep up the good work; we’re expecting small things from you!

P.S. Since unveiling the Boho Retreat, our accessorized version of the 2017 Creatin' Contest Kit, one of our most frequent requests has been for larger interior images, so here they are. Click to enlarge and use your browser's back button to return to this page. If you're looking for my finishing tips and products used just click here.

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