PUBLISHED: Sunday, March 19, 2017 by Kara Deason

A remake of a well-loved animated Disney film has recently been released in movie theaters, so I thought it’d be fun to reimagine the possibilities of some of the famous scenes in miniature.

Here’s a scene from the beginning of the movie with the soon-to-be princess strolling through her Little Town. A fun starting place in miniature begins with the stately Lombardi Castle Fountain Wall, where she rests with her woven fruit basket while reading to some friendly, furry faces. A Grazing Ewe and a Princess Etiquette Book seem to fit the scene well.

Next is an introduction to some of the imaginative supporting characters in the movie. These fun-loving personalities are some of the fan favorites, bringing compassion, humor, and magical experiences to life. If you’re familiar with the film, I’m sure you’ll get the reference in miniature of the Candelabra, the Teapot, and the Mantle Clock.

One of the magical experiences that these fun-loving characters summon is a fantastical dinner party with the invitation to “Be Our Guest”. The extravagance of the dinner setting, complete with dancing dinnerware, silverware, sweet treats, and celebratory champagne explosions, is exciting and entertaining! Recreate and capture the experience in miniature with several of these tiny accessories: Gothic Revival Chair, 1/24 Scale Pink Floral Cake, Pink Roses and Stripes Cake, White Cake Stand, Pink Ribbon and Rose Cake, Green Grass Cupcakes and Scalloped Cake Plate.

And finally, at the crux of the plot line, the single rose, with petals dropping signifying that time is of the essence. Even if you only did one thing in miniature in homage to what might be one of your favorite Disney films, this would be it! Use a single rose from the 12 Red Roses with Red Vase mini along with the Glass Display Dome, and just about anyone remotely familiar with the film will know exactly what it is in miniature.

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