The more floors you have in your miniature dollhouse, the more space you have to work with! Make getting from floor to floor a breeze by constructing dollhouse stairs and railings that suit your exact needs. Looking for a dramatic, swooping dollhouse spiral staircase for your grand entrance? We’ve got it. A ladder that leads to a mysterious attic? You can find it here. And of course we have all of the dollhouse spindles, stair posts, stringers, and risers you need to complete the full look. Your dolls will have no problem getting from floor to floor – to floor to floor to floor, if you’re really looking to be ambitious. We won’t stop you! The more miniature staircases the better in our book.

Our selection of railings and posts isn't limited to staircases. We also offer dollhouse porch railings and fittings, so you can make sure your dollhouse is properly decorated inside and out. Create front and back porches that are just as modern, elegant, or kooky as you want them to be. A coat of paint will help you complete the look – choose your favorite colors to really bring our dollhouse stairs, posts, and railings to life. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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