Nothing can ruin a day like setting up your beautiful display, flicking a switch…and getting no light whatsoever. Thankfully, Miniatures is here to help with our collection of replacement micro bulbs and mini light bulbs. From screw-in candleflame bulbs to 2.00 mm micro grain of rice bulbs, if you’ve got lighting in your dollhouse, we’ve got a way to keep it shining.

Most of our dollhouse light bulbs offer bright white or colorless light, but we also carry flickering red and orange micro bulbs intended specifically for dollhouse fireplaces. Once installed, they’ll make your hearth or stove glow with realistic flickering light – enough to add warmth and life to any room in your dollhouse. You can choose the color and size of your miniature replacement bulbs, to fit the style you want.

Also of note: our 12 volt swivel spotlight and Naturalight replacement bulbs. Looking for a brighter and more intense light than just a lamp or chandelier? Need light to see your miniature repair work clearly? Choose mini light bulbs and lights from Miniatures. We’ll help you shine.

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