Stock your dollhouse lumberyard with our strip and sheet wood! Whether you’re looking for craft wood strips, wood pieces, or flat 6-inch pieces, the odds are good that we have it here in this collection. We even have helpful measurements with each listing! How can a regular-sized lumberyard beat that?

All of our miniature strip wood works perfectly as dollhouse wood flooring strips, staircase treads, framing, trim, posts, beams, and more. You can craft your own accents or build additions to your dollhouse from the ground up. Looking to create custom beadboard paneling? Trying to pair pre-crafted dollhouse furniture with some natural grain? Try our dollhouse lumber and see how well it gets the job done.

All of our wooden dollhouse strips are excellent quality, without gouges or knots. They come in sets of up to 35 pieces – giving you enough wood to finish your latest project. Craft a rustic atmosphere for your dollhouse with wooden floorboards, or just give some sturdy accents to the outside of the house. The possibilities are endless!

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