The Nest

Crafty extras:
  • The thatching method used here varies from the method described by the seller in the included instructions. That method probably produces a more authentic look but I do not have good hand strength and found it difficult to use. Here, I applied the material in rows, which would not appear in actual thatch. The “stitching” at the ridges is hemp twine held in place with fine wire pulled through holes drilled into the MDF roof. To get this aged color, the finished roof was painted with layers of diluted gray acrylics, and finally with #1073 Fred’s Wood Weathering Stuff.
  • The rubble stone foundation is crafted using my own method with dimensional paint, hot glue and faux painting; details provided separately.
  • The porch bracket is crafted using one #7209 Square Newel Post, cut lengthwise and connected with a scrap of #17522 1/4" x 1/4" Strip Wood.
  • The birdhouse post is #17522 Strip Wood with brackets made from scrap shingles, all aged before assembly with #1073.
  • Light green “shrubs” are reindeer moss clumps from Michaels

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Pair of Block "Terra-Cotta" Planters
Price: $10.95
Houseworks Homestyle Collection ...
Turret Birdhouse
Price: $5.99
Painted Turtle
Price: $5.99
Russian Cottage Birdhouse
Price: $5.99
13" Moss Green Spruce Tree
Price: $8.99
American Crow
Price: $4.99
Scalloped Wall Planter
Price: $6.99
Thatch Roofing
Price: $9.99
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