From kitchens to bathrooms to ballrooms, many rooms are made by their patterned tile floors. Breathe some life into the rooms in your dollhouse with our collection of miniature tile sheets! From classic linoleum patterns to more intricate mosaic or glass tiles, there’s a paper sheet or set of tiles here that will fit what you’re looking for.

The traditional tile not doing it for you? You can also step outside of the box with some of our less conventional dollhouse tile flooring options. Try paper sheets patterned to look like elegant marble, or go with any of our fun sticker sheets! You can also order individual tiles of transparent glass and place them to your liking in any pattern you choose.

Whether you’re going for flagstones, checked tiles, or cute square tiles the perfect pink of a Valentine’s Day card, we have tile flooring here for you. Take a look at what we have available!

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