Wallpaper has been popular in home decorating for centuries and was originally one of the most exclusive and expensive ways to express style and taste. Museums have carefully preserved examples of exquisite, hand-painted papers that originally adorned the walls of prestigious homes. Even the earliest “mass-produced” papers, made using the labor-intensive wood block or silkscreen processes, were likely only found in the homes of the wealthy.

As demand grew, and printing technology improved, entire catalogs of wallpaper patterns became available for even the most modest budgets. Inevitably, following the maxim of “what goes up must come down,” public appetite for patterned walls was sated and wallpaper did indeed come down – by the ton!

That movement started about 1930; since then, wallpaper has gone in and out of fashion and other types of wall coverings – wood paneling, simple paint finish, etc. – have gained or lost preference. Today’s decorator is likely to have all options available, however, and will choose whichever is best for the design of the room.

Dollhouse decorators also have a wealth of wall-covering options, but may choose dollhouse wallpaper for reasons other than adding color or pattern to a room. Unlike full-size homes, dollhouse walls usually do not provide the smooth, unblemished surface of drywall. Our walls are likely to be made of MDF (not bad for any treatment, if primed), plywood (not ideal for painting unless primed and sanded very smooth, to hide the grain) or thin luan, which is too rough for any paint finish without extensive surface preparation. Add to that the popular tapewire method of electrifying dollhouses, and miniature dollhouse wallpaper is often the best available option.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of perfect-scale patterns to choose from, representing a myriad of styles and periods. Miniatures.com offers more than 100 options – some in multi-pattern packs – to suit whatever setting you have in mind. From modern to Victorian dollhouse wallpaper, we have it all here. There are choices in adhesives as well, plus advice and tips in the Creatin’ Corner.

When it comes to miniature dollhouse wallpaper, we’ve got you covered!

Looking to keep your floors covered too? Take a look at our collection of dollhouse flooring.

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