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Fran R.
I’ve been part of the HBS customer service team for two years. This is a wonderful, friendly place to work, as we consider each other family. We are a hard working and dedicated group. I especially enjoy daily interactions with our customers. They are the best!

I received my degree from a New York design school many moons ago and previously worked in advertising, interior design and sales. My outside activities include competitive trivia, antiquing, theater, knitting, painting and photography. I have two rescue furbabies, Lucy and Sarah. And, in my mind, I sing as beautifully as Adele.

Fran C.
I joined HBS/ as staff miniaturist (what a great job title!) in the fall of 2009, easily finding a home among the small but interestingly diverse group of smart and talented people who make up this company. I often say I have the best job in the world and, for me it is, combining my love of miniatures and enjoyment of crafting with the opportunity to help others by sharing my skills and abilities. As a former newspaper editor I help with copy editing and proofreading; as a miniaturist — in addition to creating vignettes for photography — I help with reviewing new items for inclusion in the catalog. And always, I feel appreciated and fortunate to be part of this sharing, caring “family.”

My husband and I have been married since 1977 and currently share our lives with three “kitty children,” two of which regularly travel with us to Western North Carolina where we are lucky enough to have a weekend/vacation home.

I have worked at HBS/ since 1985 in many capacities, and I must say that I learn something new every day. As the customer service rep for, I enjoy interacting with customers and find helping them over their mini hurdles really warms my heart. I am a devoted lover of animals and always have two or three fur kids running around the house.

My official title is international packer, and I’ve been part of the warehouse crew for 17 years. I take great pride in packing miniatures with consistency and precision. When I’m not at work, I can often be found enjoying my true passion … watching movies!

I am originally from Japan and attended Savannah College of Art and Design. I have been with HBS for 14 years. As the art director, I enjoy creating fun “mini" catalogs with the team every day (well, not every day, but sometimes it feels like that!).

We can be who we truly are here at HBS, and that is a beautiful thing. I feel “at home" here, even more than in my home country, where I feel pressure to be what others expect. My favorite quote: "A smile is not a sign of happiness, but the cause of happiness.” —Daisaku Ikeda

I have been with the company since March of 2000. I started in customer service and worked my way up to purchasing/inventory control manager. I have enjoyed working here over the years with my “dysfunctional family,” and have met some of the most precious people ever.

What I love about my job is that there is never a dull moment. Whether working with vendors on merchandise and purchase orders, helping customers/customer service reps or pitching in with Shorty receiving inventory, I am constantly solving problems. And, at the end of the day, that makes me happy. In my spare time, I enjoy being with my friends and family, cooking on the grill and living life.

I've been with HBS since March of 1999. As the head of customer service and operations, I do a little bit of everything. My favorite part of working here is interacting with our customers. Sometimes I just want to reach through the phone, wrap them in a big bear hug and tell them how much they made my day with their sweetness. I love our customers.

I started working in the HBS warehouse way back in 1987. Yeah, I know! My favorite thing about working here is the people. We are like family. I also like knowing that we are helping to "make someone’s day" when they receive their package of miniatures! When I'm not at work, I enjoy woodworking and walks on the nature trails north of Atlanta. I'm happily married with two "kitten kids."

Hi! I’ve been a customer service representative and drop-ship specialist here at HBS for about six years. I order the dollhouses for our customers and also get the orders to the warehouse for shipment. You may recognize me as one of the Jesters from our videos. HBS is a great company to work for; we're like a family. My favorite thing about my job is definitely our customers. They always keep me laughing, and I love to help them with their needs. I'm also a proud mommy, originally from Iowa, and I love fashion and shopping! My motto is "Live, Laugh, Love"!

I’ve been here at HBS for 21 years. As part of the warehouse team, my job entails receiving merchandise, assuring quality control and overseeing inventory levels. I enjoy laughing (and arguing!) with my coworkers and working with miniatures. I am originally from Philadelphia and like to go bowling in my free time.

I started at HBS/ as a freelance artist to assist in the production of the Hobby Builders Supply catalog, but it quickly became a full-time position. After a short period of HBS catalog production, my role expanded when the resident photographer took leave. Since then, I have handled all the photography needs of the company, be it catalog or website. I also help maintain the content of I have over 20 years experience as a graphic designer working for various companies, but none as great as HBS. I'm working on my fifth year at the company and expect many more. When not at work, I can usually be found with my son, an avid railfan, at a train show, working on our setup in his room, or at our monthly NMRA meetings.

I’ve been the catalog/merchandise manager at HBS for almost 17 years. My job entails making new product selections and working with Fran C., Stephen and Kiyomi to get our products into the catalog and onto My favorite thing about my job is sourcing new products—because who doesn’t like new minis?? I feel very fortunate to work with the wonderful suppliers we have in this industry and present products to what has to be the nicest group of customers any company has ever had! When not working, I like to exercise and hit the road to watch my daughter cheer on the Georgia Southern Eagles!
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