Tips and thoughts for MiniScene ornaments

MiniScene Ornaments

You do not have to use the Styrofoam ball. It is the best way to get a flat surface for a scene, but if you don’t need it, don’t use it. A disc of cardboard or foam core will also work.

You can use less than half of the Styrofoam ball to provide more height for your scene. Half is just an arbitrary amount. Or, use a slice of the ball and add something tiny underneath.

Cut Styrofoam with a serrated knife and a sawing motion. It will be messy.

Although ideal as Christmas ornaments, they don’t have to be holiday scenes. They can represent someone’s hobbies or interests, such as cooking, sewing, beachcombing – whatever. Many HBS/ items will fit in the ball and show well.

A soft, knit material is good for covering the rounded side of the partial ball, but you can also “decoupage” a collage of small pieces of paper – plain or printed – to cover the foam. Thin paper, such as tissue paper, works best. Think about a bright mix of confetti colored scraps, glued to the surface. Or just one color; if you decoupage in white, you can paint it any color when it dries.

Or, just paint the inside of the ornament where the Styrofoam will be. If it isn’t quite even, glue some fine trim around the outside to finish.

If you design an ornament to be viewed from one side only, you can paint a background in the inside of up to half of the ball.

The flat surface of the Styrofoam is part of your scene; you can likely find a printed (or printable) image that is suitable to cover it.

One property of Styrofoam is that you can hold things in place with pins, either permanently or just while the glue dries. The finished ornament needs to be fairly stable to withstand handling, so glue each layer securely.

Plan especially well if you are thinking of using loose glitter or sand and your ornament is intended to be moved or shaken. (Glitter may stick to the inside if the clear ball due to static electricity.)

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