28th Annual Creatin' Contest

The MiniTown Studio Due to a series of pandemic-related problems, we will not be able to deliver any more #92021 MiniTown Studio kits, the original Creatin’ Contest kit for 2021. However, because we appreciate how hard all our contestants work on their projects every year, and because there is absolutely no way we would cancel or postpone the Contest, there will be some special conditions for Creatin’ Contest 2021, the 28th annual event. This year, your entry can be kit #92021 (for those who ordered and received their kits early in the year) OR kit #92012, the MiniTown Loft, as long as it was ordered in 2021. All other rules and conditions remain exactly the same. Remember, the Loft and Studio are mirror images of each other, identical in size and space, just flipped. A very limited supply of The Loft, #92012, is in stock and ready for shipment. So please, if you’ve been on the fence about your entry this year, jump in and join the fun!

We're so excited about this year's Creatin' Contest kit, The MiniTown Studio Kit! MiniTown Studio is already a creative space, just show us how it speaks to you! A cozy haven for an artistic soul, an abandoned industrial building filled with history, a co-working space shared by two or three friends on a budget—or maybe the place where music’s next new sound is being born! Whatever it is, we want to see your vision, so unleash your creativity!

Grand prize is a $1,000 HBS/miniatures.com gift certificate. Three runner-up gift certificates are awarded ($500, $350, $250) plus up to $1,000 in gift certificates divided among the top first-time entrants. All entrants receive a “thank you” prize. An entry form is included with each kit.

Deadline for entry is Friday, December 17, 2021. Winners will be announced in mid-February 2022.

Don't wait to get started.
When you order #92021, your Creatin' Contest entry form can be found in the order. For another form call customer service at 1.800.926.6464 or you may click here to print one out. We also accept online submissions through our online form.

Contest Rules:

  1.  Start with #92021 The MiniTown Studio Kit OR #92012 The MiniTown Loft Kit and let your imagination do the rest.

  2.  Use this kit and products found in our catalog or on this web site (or other resources when needed).

  3.  You may add to, modify, landscape or use any method you choose to create your finished project.

  4.  Photograph your entry (see tips below) and submit no more than 4 high-quality, 4" x 6" photos that give an overall view of your project. No multiple-view photos, please. They will be excluded. Photos will not be returned. Do not use Polaroids or low-res digital printouts as they do not reproduce well. Be sure your photos are in focus! Entries will not be accepted unless accompanied by photos.

  5.  Enter online here or mail your photos and the completed entry form. Deadline is Friday, December 17, 2021 for online receipt or postmark. Entries not submitted through miniatures.com should be sent to:

    Hobby Builders Supply/miniatures.com
    Attn: Creatin' Contest Entries
    2388 Pleasantdale Rd.
    Atlanta, GA 30340-3152

  6.  Entries will be judged on originality, creativity and quality of workmanship.

  7.  All entries become property of the contest sponsor.

  8.  Prizes:
    $1,000.00 HBS/miniatures.com GIFT CERTIFICATE

    $500.00 HBS/miniatures.com GIFT CERTIFICATE

    $350.00 HBS/miniatures.com GIFT CERTIFICATE

    $250.00 HBS/miniatures.com GIFT CERTIFICATE

  9. plus up to $1,000 in gift certificates divided among the top

    "Thank you" prizes will be awarded to all entrants!

Photography Tips:

  1.   Do not use the flash on your camera. Instead, use full daylight or electric light sources aimed at your project from two directions to eliminate most hard shadows. If the hard light is still causing shadows, aim the lights away from the project onto white sheets of foam core or mat board; the reflected light will be much softer and more diffused. Outdoors, whiteboards can be used to reflect the sunlight up and onto your project in the same way.

  2.  Clamp-on utility lights with aluminum shades are inexpensive, good light sources, and are readily available at hardware/home improvement stores. Use at least 100-watt bulbs (or about 1600 lumens in LEDs, for less heat). These portable lights can be clamped and positioned to provide good light for photos but be careful—they can get very hot!

  3.   Remember, your photos are the only way we have to judge your project. All the time, effort, and talent you put into your project will be wasted—in the eyes of the judges—by blurry, out-of-focus photos. Also, take care to frame your whole project in the viewfinder without cropping off a corner or the top, and try to avoid having distracting items in the background.

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