Types of Dollhouses


Serendipity ShedDollhouse Kits
This is the choice of mini artisans the world over. Shell kits are constructed of either plywood or MDF and come with the exterior and interior walls, floors, roof and base. You get the challenge and satisfaction of building your masterpiece from the floor up! 

House Additions
Whether designed specifically for a particular dollhouse and miniatures or suited for more general use, these extensions to the dollhouse allow for even more creativity and elaboration of design. Component sets for certain dollhouse kits include doors, windows, stairways, dormers, spindles, railings, hardware, interior and exterior trims, siding and shingles. 

Little Kits
Not a particular scale so somewhat of a departure from our usual selection of "dollhouse" kits these Little Kits are the perfect DIY project. They include everything needed to complete the kit as shown on the box, except for a few basic craft supplies that you probably already have around your home.

Room Boxes
Not ready for a dollhouse? Room boxes are a cost, space and time saving alternative that still allow you to express your inner miniaturist. Dollhouse room boxes are ideal for creating themes. Whether you choose to create a holiday scene, a wedding or baby motif to mark a special occasion, or even a team-inspired sports box, you'll love the ease and flexibility a room box provides. Plus, they make excellent gifts!  

Special Scale Dollhouses
While most dollhouse miniatures are in 1/12 scale, there are several smaller scales available. Miniatures.com is proud to bring you dollhouses in 1/24 scale, 1/48 scale, 1/144 scale, as well as Playscale ... fashion doll size. Smaller scales are certainly more convenient when space is at a premium and offer the 1/12 scale miniaturist a whole new challenge! 

Dollhouse Accessories
The next step after creating the dollhouse of your dreams is filling it with our collection of dollhouse accessories. We have everything you need to create your dollhouse, whether you're building a castle or a cabin or anything in between. Hop over to our accessories section to take a look!  



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